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High Speed Five-Color Gravure Printing Machine(Mechanical Axis)

     For PVC,OPP, CPP, PET, Nylon and other flexible packaging film printing, especially suitable for tablecloth and other products printing work.
    Due to the different nature of different materials, the tension and speed of printing are also different.
    The maximum printing speed is 120m/min, the tension range is 5-50kg, you can adjust the printing speed and tension according to the characteristics of different materials to ensure excellent printing quality.
Product Description

     We not only provide customized gravure presses, but also we can provide tailor-made services according to the thickness and color of the material you want to print.

     We can customize the printing width is: 1-4.2 meters

     The number of colors we can customize is: 1-12 colors

     All electrical configurations of the equipment can be configured according to your requirements.

     Printing width: 1500mm

     Printing speed: 5-120m/min

     Number of colors: 5 colors

     Printing accuracy: ±0.2mm

     Printing roll length: 1600m

     Roller diameter: 150-380mm

     Loading form: no shaft/optional with shaft loading

     Computer color: optional


    Tension range: 5-50kg

    Tension accuracy: ±5kg

     Maximum impression force: 1500kg

     Drying method: electric heating/oil heating is optional

     Weight: 40T

     Applicable ink: oily ink, water-based ink

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Phone: +86-13675508990   

Email: jinxinpvcpu@163.con

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