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  • Drying Shaping Stable Tension Foaming Oven
    The machine features:
    Blowing,drying,shaping,can also be equipped with adhesive,coating,such as impregnation and other functions.
  • Multilayer Customized Fitted Laminator Machine
       The number of layers that can be fitted is 2-3 layers, the maximum width of the feed is 2200mm, and it can be used with the press.
        It can not only complete the fitting work, but also complete the embossing work.
        It is necessary to use glue to complete the adhesion of multi-layer materials, which is suitable for the adhesion of tablecloth, non-woven fabrics and PVC film, transhard film and other film materials. The fitted product can not only have good waterproof performance, but also protect the printing on the fabric or increase the decoration of the finished product.
        You only need to replace the mirror roller in the fitting part with the embossing roller, you can turn this composite machine into a embossing machine, and press out three-dimensional patterns on the surface of the material.
  • Wide Format Inkjet 5-Color Gravure Printing Machine (Electronic Axis)
    The 5-color gravure printing machine is used for printing various flexible packaging films such as PVC, OPP, CPP, PET, nylon, PE and paper.
    The maximum speed of the gravure press can reach 150m/min and the tension range is 5-50kg.
    Tension and speed depend on different materials and can be adjusted according to different material properties to achieve excellent printing quality.
  • High Speed Five-Color Gravure Printing Machine(Mechanical Axis)
         For PVC,OPP, CPP, PET, Nylon and other flexible packaging film printing, especially suitable for tablecloth and other products printing work.
        Due to the different nature of different materials, the tension and speed of printing are also different.
        The maximum printing speed is 120m/min, the tension range is 5-50kg, you can adjust the printing speed and tension according to the characteristics of different materials to ensure excellent printing quality.
  • Hot Material During Cooling Shrinkage Cooling Roller
            The cooling roller is a roller that passes the cooling water. When the rolled film or adhesive tape is coated, in order to reduce the deformation caused by the shrinkage of the hot material during cooling,the material is cooled by the cooling roller before rolling to reduce the deformation of the material.
  • Precise Durable Good Effect 4-Roll Calender
    The 4-roll calender offers the advantage of working air out of the rubber more thoroughly and gets uniform thickness of film or sheet.
    It can also be used to coat the rubber film with single or both sides of textile operation.

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