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  • High Speed Five-Color Gravure Printing Machine(Mechanical Axis)
         For PVC,OPP, CPP, PET, Nylon and other flexible packaging film printing, especially suitable for tablecloth and other products printing work.
        Due to the different nature of different materials, the tension and speed of printing are also different.
        The maximum printing speed is 120m/min, the tension range is 5-50kg, you can adjust the printing speed and tension according to the characteristics of different materials to ensure excellent printing quality.
  • Hot Material During Cooling Shrinkage Cooling Roller
            The cooling roller is a roller that passes the cooling water. When the rolled film or adhesive tape is coated, in order to reduce the deformation caused by the shrinkage of the hot material during cooling,the material is cooled by the cooling roller before rolling to reduce the deformation of the material.
  • Precise Durable Good Effect 4-Roll Calender
    The 4-roll calender offers the advantage of working air out of the rubber more thoroughly and gets uniform thickness of film or sheet.
    It can also be used to coat the rubber film with single or both sides of textile operation.
  • Single Double Power Brake Strainer Extruder
    Application of Strainer
    Strainer is used before the material enters into the calender to filter out agglomerates and other impurities to protect the calender roller for longer service life.
  • Plastic Rubber Low Viscosity Material Intensive Mixer
    Application of Our Rubber Intensive Mixer
    It's suitable for plastic and rubber mixing. The mixing chamber adopts special left-middle-right structure which makes maintenance easy.
  • PVC Pipe Profile Production Powder Additive Auto Weight System
    Auto weighing system - We developed this auto weighing system especially for PVC pipe and profile production to instead of manual weighing.
    It could auto weigh the additives in PVC pipe and profile formula besides the PVC and CACO3.

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