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We specialize in machinery and equipment manufacturing

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The company is specialized in machinery and equipment manufacturing, has 30 years of history, has a strong technical personnel and improve the technical database, and the company absorbs the domestic and foreign synthetic leather equipment specialty and improved continuously, according to lhe technological requirements and customer needs for your new structure, design and manutaclure of mechanical and electrical integration degree is high, low maintenance requirements, easy operation and reliable performance of equipment. And to provide you with a complete set of market analysis, project planning, equipment installation and commissioning, as well as excellent technical guidance and satisfactory after-sales service.Usually, the shell of the helmet is made of high-strength materials, such as metal, engineering plastics, Kevlar fiber, etc., through its deformation to absorb most of the impact; the lining material has the ability to absorb sweat, keep warm, and absorb shock. Military helmets often have the function of further reducing the impact force, preventing the shell fragments from hurting the head; the suspension system is the part between the shell and the inner lining, which can usually be adjusted to suit different wearers The difference in head shape.

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Phone: +86-13675508990   

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