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Drying Shaping Stable Tension Foaming Oven

The machine features:
Blowing,drying,shaping,can also be equipped with adhesive,coating,such as impregnation and other functions.
Product Description

Mechanical properties:

   1.Cooperate with customers and the market to develop new products.

   2.Box-type storage equipment, reserves can be designed with the product, stable tension.

   3.Hot air circulating foam furnace: automatic computer temperature control, temperature accurate. Special air exhaust design, hot air circulation uniform air volume, foam thickness is consistent. With good insulation effect and accurate exhaust gas exhaust system to overcome the problem of oil dripping inside and outside the furnace, the product quality, appearance and environment are always kept clean.

   4.Equipped with cooling exchanger and air-cooled circulation system, good embossing effect, soft quality, thickness without pressure damage.

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Email: jinxinpvcpu@163.con

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